23 juillet 2010

5 Tracks from the Tron Legacy Soundtrack

We already talked about these Daft Punk-related news a couple of months ago here and here (remember the Cryda Luv remix ?).
A new trailer has coming up for Tron Legacy as the comic-con madness is actually going on.You can watch it here :

But, most important, you can listen to bits of the new Daft Punk soundtrack on the official website.5 tracks are available right now but it's not a very user-friendly interface (no really, it's not) so you can listen to it on youtube :

or you can download them in mp3 here :

(could be removed so don't wait too long)

As it sounds yet really great, i think they might be some loop hiding the full potential of these songs without a single beat.We'll see in the next future if climax peak will be reached as the soundtrack reveal itself to go darker and dafter.

15 juillet 2010

Selections (aka Summer Mix)

We're halfway through 2010, and I've been "collecting"number of this year albums and singles.I selected some of the best to present you in a short mix.I have a thing for obsessive hypnotic melodies you could say, those ones that you could compare to hypnagogic hallucinations.There is no "Gazebo" though this year and it's a shame i couldn't put it in the playlist one more time :)
Check the tracklist (only Ladytron is from 2008) and other info after the jump :

Tracklist :

01.Black Dog - Delay 9
02.Pantha Du Prince - Stick To My Side (Walls Version)
03.Ripperton - Sandbox
04.Thomas Fehlmann - Permanent Touch
05.Tensnake - Coma Cat
06.Estroe - Contradicte
07.Christian Smith - Cinnamon
08.Ricardo Tobar - Mi Pieza Esta Llena De Cosas (Max Cooper Remix)
09.Technasia - Music To Watch The City Lights Late At Night
10.Robert Babicz - Dark Flower (Fever Mix)
11.Booka Shade - Regenerate
12.Gui Boratto - Azzura (It's Not The Same Version)
13.Deetron - Collide
14.Moonbeam - Tiger
15.Ladytron - Ghosts (Toxic Avenger Remix)

(mp3.320kb/s - 58')

(Thanks to Graphical Ink for the stunning cover, you can follow her on twitter)

07 juillet 2010

Did you know that ?

Did you know The XX were playing the awesome-über-allmighty-crystal clear melody from Bronski Beat's Smalltown Boy as a introduction (that works very well) of Infinity ?

Well, here's a few examples, and if you already seen them live it's worth listening to it again as you can't get sick of this :

And here's the original so-so-80's video :

The pattern of this track has been reused in many songs with random success.An unoriginal & lazy techno cover by Supermode still sounds good just by copying and pasting the melody into a 4/4 cheapy club rhythmic :

A cover by Paradise Lost that greatly synthesize with their own sound the core of the original track :

You can hear it at the beginning of this 1993 mega-dance-lol track from Real McCoy :

Well i did listen to the next one million times, and i never saw the obvious melody in a pitch-down robovocoder style (starts a 1'34).Amazing Daft Punk Stuff :

Really there is a ton of it.You can read more about it in the wikipedia link here.
So, which one do you prefer ?