05 mars 2009

Shinichi Osawa -t the fuck?

Go Japan It's the new French !
Ex-Grosso Mondo ,Shinichi Osawa is a hype-blog-well known japanese dj & producer.
His remixes espically float everywhere on the web and most of them are really good.
(Check out for example his remix with NT89 of Tiga's Mind Dimension)
His album 'The One' was released in the Uk in January.
(read more : facebook,myspace)

Digitalism - Pogo (Shinichi Osawa Remix) (ysi)
♫ Tiga - Mind Dimension (NT89 & Shinichi Osawa Remix) (ysi)
Alex Gopher - Aurora (Shinichi Osawa Remix).mp3 (ysi)

04 mars 2009

Japan mood mode

Yellow Magic Orchestra - Technopolis

What?Did you say Kraftwerk ?

Ken Ishii - Extra (1996)

From Akira's Director Koji Morimoto.

Takkyu Ishino - Polynasia (1998)

Takkyu Ishino - Ghost In The Shell (1998)

Didn't know that Masamune Shirow inspire some raw techno tunes...

Fumiya Tanaka - Drive #9 (1+2) (2001)

Better know as a dj but still an innovative producer.

Shinichi Osawa - Star Guitar (2007)

I think Shinichi will be huge this year...

80Kidz - Life Begins At Eighty

Will talking about them very soon i guess.

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