07 juillet 2010

Did you know that ?

Did you know The XX were playing the awesome-über-allmighty-crystal clear melody from Bronski Beat's Smalltown Boy as a introduction (that works very well) of Infinity ?

Well, here's a few examples, and if you already seen them live it's worth listening to it again as you can't get sick of this :

And here's the original so-so-80's video :

The pattern of this track has been reused in many songs with random success.An unoriginal & lazy techno cover by Supermode still sounds good just by copying and pasting the melody into a 4/4 cheapy club rhythmic :

A cover by Paradise Lost that greatly synthesize with their own sound the core of the original track :

You can hear it at the beginning of this 1993 mega-dance-lol track from Real McCoy :

Well i did listen to the next one million times, and i never saw the obvious melody in a pitch-down robovocoder style (starts a 1'34).Amazing Daft Punk Stuff :

Really there is a ton of it.You can read more about it in the wikipedia link here.
So, which one do you prefer ?

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