29 décembre 2010

16 Best Albums of 2010

Well, at least those that deserve in my eyes some special attention in the end of the year perspective.Totally subjective criteria indeed.

1.Daft Punk - Tron Legacy Soundtrack

A Soundtrack , not a studio album for the french duo but what can i say, i love Daft Punk and i love Hans Zimmer and for December i got them both in the Tron Legacy (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack).

2.James Holden - Dj Kicks

James Holden never disappoint in terms of mix compilation.Since his 'At The Controls' in 2006 that guy has my infinite respect.This dj kicks mix is more slow pace and kind of weird at first but after a few listens you begin to fully appreciate what was done here.Gratz.

3.Agoria - Balance 016

New installement of Balance by Agoria is also a reminder of 2010 electronic music : slower, more thoughtful and closer than ever to other genres.Listen to 'Emilia Torrini - Gun' to see what i'm talking about.

4.Ewan Pearson - We Are Proud Of Our Choices

One of the sweetest and smoothly electronic ballad of the year.

5.Seth Troxler -Boogy Bytes Vol.05

Well that one cames early in 2010 but i had listen to it many times.Partly because the intro was such a good party mood inducer with Dinky's satirical lyrics."Don't try to act smart, quit trying to be big"
(horrible sound)

6.We Have Band - WHB

Nice short electro-pop album.Need to see them live to be more enthusiastic but 'Hero Knows" is a perfect ending tune for anything.

7.Groove Armada - Black Light

You could ask what is electro in that synth-rock loud waves of riffs and melodies.But yeah there is definitely something of the 80's here but in a good way.Two vocals : one female (and good) one male (hmmm...) alternatively on each tracks.One sure thing : listen to it very loud or don't.

8.The Chemical Brothers - Further

Talk about 'back to the roots".Weird 7h album for 'Les Freres Chimiques'.Lots of good stuff , Escape Velocity is quite the hit for me but unfortunately his length (11'56) cannot be compromise in a single 3'mn radio edit.We'll wait for the remixes.

9.Caribou - Swim

It's the hype of the season; Caribou trust reviews and made first 2010 album in the Resident Advisor Selection.As it is quite good, i think it may be overrated.

10.Underworld - Barking Deluxe

Well that's my weak point, i deeply discover electronic music with them and i can't avoid put their 6th studio album, especially when it has good reviews.Classic big trancey anthem but really find 'Moon In Water' unique and enjoyable repeatedly.

11.Bot'Ox - Babylon By Car

That's french, that's a melting pot of rock/electronic genres and that's awesome; that is all you need to know.

12.Michael Mayer - Immer 3

If you don't know Michael Mayer and his hugely acclaimed first Immer mix compilation then you know what you need to do.This modern iteration keeps the feeling of a soft cotton pop candy environment with a large touch of Mayer's usual melancholia.And no it's not placed here because of the Charlotte Gainsbourg remix by Superpitcher (really ? yeah seriously!)

13.Susumu Yokota - Kaleidoscope

Of course an ambient album is not recommended if you're not used to those long repetitive loops of infinite echoes and sound patterns.But 'Her Feminineness' , a track by an unknown Japanese producer with a loop of European church bells is worth the effort.

14.Sebastian Mullaert aka Minilogue - WaWuWe

2 Mixed Cd's from one of the duo behind Minilogue.And that does what you expect : it's deep, really deep, progressive, well mixed and perfect for home listening in a rainy day.

15.Apparat - Dj-Kicks

Apparat is talented, that we all agree.But i think his Dj Kicks is going in too many ways too many times.It's still very good with a selection of fine surprising tunes.A bit demanding.

16.Pantha Du Prince - Black Noise

I needed a 16th and Pantha Du Prince second album is absolutely well crafted and charming.Like a sorceress spell.

That's all folks.Next coming is Xmas Mix post.
Happy New Year!