26 juin 2007

132 Minutes

Disponible sur le site de Sigur Rós , un live video indispensable :

complete iceland concert (stream only)
the 132 minute concert in reykjavík november 2005
windows media format: low quality | high quality
real media format: low quality | high quality
setlist and photos here

12 juin 2007

Radio Update

Legere update de la radio , seulement 4 titres pour l'instant dont 3 sont présent sur Exit IV :

Troy Pierce_GRVL

Extrawelt & Morelle_Schmedding
(Traum Schallplatten)

Matthias Tanzmann_Nip Slip
(Moon Harbour Recordings)

Stephan Bodzin_Kerozene
(Herzblut Recordings )

08 juin 2007

Exit Sessions Vol.4

Au programme ce mois-ci :

Redshape : Alone On Mars ?

"This is particularly true for the A-side ‘Alone on Mars?’ which forces its way in slowly with heavy waves of sci-fi synths and undulating bubbles of bass pulses. Its either ambient or pulsating and has a retro space feel that conjures up alien life forms, bulky spaceships and crimson skies cut with apocalyptic dawns. There’s no need for tractor beams to pull you in: the track inverts around the percussion and propels itself high up somewhere along the expressway from Detroit to Berlin. Outstanding."

Mathias Tanzmann : Nip Slip

"As a producer, Tanzmann himself has often sided with tried and true house templates rather than the sound nerd world of minimal techno, but ‘Nip Slip’ gets the balance right, taking one fantastically selected house stab and slowly modulating it over six minutes to glorious effect. There’s a breakdown here, and a bit of mechanical plip-plop chucked in to let you know what year it is, but this is all about the stab vs. the cutoff filter. Three minutes in, it develops exactly the right balance between groove and intricacy, and there you go, the club is rolling again."

Argy : Poke Her Flat (issu de la compilation Poker Flat Volume 5 - Bets'N'Bluffs)

Troy Pierce : GRVL (issu de la compilation min2MAX)

Heartthrob vs. Troy Pierce : Horse Nation Amended

Kenneth G James : Is It On

"‘Is It On’ is a bumping foray into funk territory that’s full of sci-fi noise and drones."

Ambivalent : Nugget

Stephan Bodzin : Kerosene

"‘Kerosene’ is a dark subtle beast that blends a haunting trance melody into a growling bassline, the kind that makes you wince in pleasure when you hear it through a good soundsystem. In true Bodzin style, Kerosene is a definite builder, though it never hits a definitive peak."
Sascha Funke : Auf Aix

Stardiver : Another Moment Of Silence

"another moment of silence" is a harmoniously accentuated earworm costumed in posh chanel, built around a thrill seeking hookline, that is tightly wound around ripened axle of bass."
Gabriel Ananda : Take Off (live)

"The most classically Ananda track on the album is a live version of ‘Take Off’ – a bit of a look backwards perhaps, as the original version was released on Treibstoff in 2006. With a psychedelic trance-like feel to it, this is the little brother of ‘Doppelwhipper’, minus the huge drops."
Slam : Azure (Part 1)

"‘Azure Part 1’ is industrial and beautifully crafted, sequenced with precision and deep textures, yet entirely subtle. When the kick drum and techno riff starts this off, you might think oh no – this clocks in at ten minutes and I’ve already got the gist of it, but stay tuned: the cut rolls ahead in a surprising and un-annoying fashion with deep, warm pads, thoughtful synths and delayed FX & percussion completing the picture. It’s over before you know it, and you’ll want to be hearing this again and again, in different environments and in different states (mostly when jacked-up though)."

Tracklist :
Redshape Alone On Mars
Matthias Tanzmann Nip Slip
Argy Poke Her Flat
Troy Pierce GRVL
Heartthrob vs. Troy Pierce Horse Nation Amended
Kenneth G James Is It On
Ambivalent Nugget
Stephan Bodzin Kerosene
Sascha Funke Auf Aix
Stardiver Another Moment Of Silence
Gabriel Ananda Take Off (live)
Slam Azure (Part 1)

Source : Resident Advisor

06 juin 2007

Trentemøller - Moan (live)

Trentemøller feat. Ane Trolle & Mikael Simpson - Moan, performed live at P3 Guld 2006 (Denmark)

Exit 4 soon...