23 juillet 2010

5 Tracks from the Tron Legacy Soundtrack

We already talked about these Daft Punk-related news a couple of months ago here and here (remember the Cryda Luv remix ?).
A new trailer has coming up for Tron Legacy as the comic-con madness is actually going on.You can watch it here :

But, most important, you can listen to bits of the new Daft Punk soundtrack on the official website.5 tracks are available right now but it's not a very user-friendly interface (no really, it's not) so you can listen to it on youtube :

or you can download them in mp3 here :

(could be removed so don't wait too long)

As it sounds yet really great, i think they might be some loop hiding the full potential of these songs without a single beat.We'll see in the next future if climax peak will be reached as the soundtrack reveal itself to go darker and dafter.

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