30 mars 2012

It's Fu%@in' Friday ! [FF#7]

7th Edition of our ongoing series, this time focus on ambient , female voices and some kind of ancient-post-modern paganism...

An old track from 2009 Röyksopp album 'Junior' featuring the lovely dark Karin Dreijer Andersson (The Knife/Fever Ray) :

Röyksopp - Junior (2009)

Two progressive gems by the prolific Trentemoller found on his last (and quite dense) compilation of remixes :

Trentemoller - Reworked/Remixed (2011)

An all-youtube artist in progress, Iamwhoami ; an extract from the DJ Kicks Exclusive compilation (Apparat) ; Guy J sounding like Henry Saiz (and his famous Balance mix 019) to get the progressive vibe and one special hit from Death In Vegas last album.

Death In Vegas - Trans-Love Energies (2011)

A piece from the first album of John Talabot .

John Talabot - ƒIN (2012)

Of course there is a Fever Ray song (we want a new album now !) and one recent discovery, Gazelle Twin.

Gazelle Twin - The Entire City (2011)

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