18 novembre 2010

Tron Soundtrack Update

Following the previous entries about the upcoming Tron soundtrack which will be equivalent (i guess) to the 4th Daft Punk studio album, we have a few new things to add on this topic.
First, the release date has been fixed to the 7th December (10 days before the movie actually).Tracklist has even "leaked" :

Tron: Legacy Soundtrack:

01 Overture
02 The Grid
03 The Son of Flynn
04 Recognizer
05 Armory
06 Arena
07 Rinzler
08 The Game Has Changed
09 Outlands
10 Adagio For Tron
11 Nocturne
12 End of Line
13 Derezzed
14 Fall
15 Solar Sailer
16 Rectifier
17 Disc Wars
18 C.L.U.
19 Arrival
20 Flynn Lives
21 Tron Legacy (End Titles)
22 Finale

You can listen to the new track Derezzed if you haven't done already :

If you want more , there is some details here on Pitchfork and on Dazed where they made the cover (in 3d).

Also if you been on a island for some time maybe (maybe!) you still haven't see Daft Punk and Phoenix playing together at the Madison Square Garden :

Definitely 2010 is the year of the come back for Guy-Manuel de Homen Christo et Thomas Bangalter.Cant' wait for a 2011 Tron live tour!


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