04 novembre 2010

So what's up ?

Hey guys.Been a while since last entry, "been there done that", blah blah blah....So i've a couple of things going on here in the near future.First i'll upload mixes from the Schyzophrenia Party, beginning today with the smoothly sweet electronic candy that i personally enjoy and in the near future the second part which is more of a dancefloor-electro rock-lol tunes set.
I also have an ongoing project featuring more ambient and deep aspect of influences.I'm starting to use Ableton (for better or for worse) and maybe will includes more editing than previous stuff.Furthermore i'm collecting some stuff to try another work with more dark 80's / electro (as Anthony Rother Electro) sound that should hit the road in late November/early December if i'm lucky.Besides i'm getting a large plate of new stuff as the year ends and will probably go in a frenzy furious rush mode of getting everything from the "50 best 2010 compilations/albums/singles" articles we'll soon see everywhere.So here we go!

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