05 mars 2010

Dystopian Soundscape

I've created a mix fueled with samples from the most dystopian/post-apocalyptic/giant-badass-machine-boss movies.Originally conceived as a geek/sci-fi fanboy blind-test, it turned out a bit more of a short mix with a lot of mechanic voices,artificial flux of sounds and some music that could be from the future (if you close your eyes/open your mind enough).So here's the tracklist and the download link below (don't read it if you want to guess where the movies samples are from).


Tracklist :

01.Sample From 'Dexter'
02.Radiohead - Creep
03.Sample From 'Heroes'
04.The XX - Islands (Delorean Remix)
05.Sample From 'Matrix Revolutions'
06.BJ Nielsen - Scientia
07.Sample From 'War Of The Worlds'
08.Fear Factory - A Therapy For Pain
09.Sample From 'Terminator Salvation'
10.Unofficial Daft Punk Rework for the future 'Tron' movie (allegedly by Cryda Luv)
11.Sample From 'Transformers'
12.Boys Noize - Gax
13.Sample From 'Cloverfield'
14.Moderat - A New Error
15.Sample From 'Battlestar Galactica'
16.Jimmy Hendrix - All Along The Watchtower
17.Sample From 'Lost'

Total Length : 37'07

All tracks & samples mixed and edited by myself :)

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