08 janvier 2009

[Review]The Mole - As High As The Sky

'As High As The Sky' (Wagon Repair) from canadian dj/producer The Mole is a great debut album :

I really can’t enthuse about this record enough. It’s a diverse house album with quality tunes throughout, and also manages to approach the dance music holy grail: you can actually listen to it start to finish without reaching for the skip button. All in all, it kind of makes you glad that Tyger and Danuel got their studio robbed. Sorry, guys.
(Resident Advisor)

As High as the Sky rarely falters or stalls, moving seamlessly from awfully danceable to quite danceable and back again. This structure, though, does seem to stunt some inter-track growth: songs, while not formally mixed, often arrive fully formed and vary minimally throughout long runtimes. The clever emotional tricks-- "hey wait...awww yeah"-- he pulls during "Ain't the Way" disappear somewhat as the album rounds into full swing. But As High as the Sky does find a sixth gear, peaking with its final four tracks, right down to the lock-the-doors-club's closed breakbeat-isms of "When It Tastes So Good You Deserve It", which sounds like Prefuse 73, exhausted and drooping. It is a conflagration of the vaguely familiar-- trite phrases, muscle-memory guitars, rumbling bass sequences-- that de la Plante guides to enviable heights.
As high as the sky' weaves super fresh techno and house production techniques into a selection of funked licks and cosmic disco vibes to blur the edges into a beautifully effective floor working set that references Theo Parrish, Moodymann, Beppe Loda, Larry Levan, Ron Hardy and all those other geniuses of the floor but enhances the whole lot with some subtle treatments for a devastating effect. A very highly recommended double pack of juicy discoid goodness.

01 "Intro"
02 "Still In The Corner"
03 "Ain’t The Way It’s Supposed To Be"
04 "Alice, You Need Him"
05 "Hey Girl (I Feel So Good)"
06 "Baby You’re The One"
07 "Gracias A Los Ninos"
08 "Like The Way"
09 "Smiling And Running"
10 "Knock Twice"
11 "When It Tastes So Good You Deserve It"